Tapu Facts/Title Deeds


With the bilateral pact Turkey has agreed with Holland, Germany, Belgium & the United Kingdom, inhabitants in these countries, have the same rights in Turkey, as the Turkish people have in the aforementioned countries, this pact allows you to take the title deeds "Tapu" directly on your own name.

Certain requirements have to be met before this stage,


Your property is not allowed to be located in a military area, or strategic zone.


Once you have purchased property, and the purchasing contract has been signed, the application of the title deeds is st to the local Tapu office.


The Tapu office sends the application to Military Headquarters in Izmir, where certain checks are made.


Once returned, the approved application to purchase property is submitted by the local government, this can take a couple of months.


Before transferring the Tapu into your name, certain payments must be transferred to the Government Bank


After taxes are paid and the receipt is given to the Tapu office, the deeds will be transferred on to your name, then you become the legal owner of your property.


Holiday Bau attends to all these details for their clients, but this is a potted description of the legal procedure after purchasing contracts are signed.




Holiday Bau will after an agreed deposit usually 10%, make a flexible payment plan which can be tailor made for individual clients,


Holiday Bau will take clients for their Turkish Tax number, which is needed to open bank account in Turkey.


Holiday Bau will also take clients to open a Turkish bank account, Turkish interest rates for investment capitol is around 9% at this time


Holiday Bau will enter in the contract all agreed details for the property with the client.

 Holiday Bau will pay up to the value of 1000 euro, off accommodation and flights, should the client proceed with the purchase of a Holiday Bau property.

 Holiday Bau will pay service connections, water and electric, Tapu and Iscan and contract costs,


The price agreed is the price you pay, with no hidden extras.